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Become the ambassadors of what M.I.S.T. stands for: Salem Kalmoni’s speech

It is with much joy that I on behalf of the Governing Council, Members of Convocation, the Senior and Junior Staff, to extend a warm welcome all those who have travelled from far and near, to attend this graduation and matriculation ceremony.

I would also like to use the opportunity to extend a very special welcome to His excellency, The Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana, and thank you for accepting our invitation to be the Guest of Honour at today’s event.

I also warmly welcome our cherished graduands who have worked so much to merit their respective awards today.

Today’s graduation marks yet another important milestone in the history of the Madina Institute of Science and Technology (M.I.S.T.).

History because, we are graduating our first batch of students, and unique because the personality who officially cut the tape to start the Institution is here again after four years to celebrate the achievements of the pioneering cohort of students.

To you the graduands, note that in a few hours from now, you will become an integral part of the Institute.

You have been patient enough and today it is going to pay off. You have really lived to the teachings and tenets of the Holy Quran as quoted in ch3, verse 200.

‘O you who believe! be patient, excel in patience, persevere, and  reverence  God, that you may prosper.’

This is certainly good advice that will serve you as you chart the course of your lives.  It is also great advice to us, the stakeholders;  sponsors, staff and lecturers to keep the faith in our institution.   We have been through difficult times, compounded by the Covid pandemic, yet we have made it four years later to graduate our first students.  Congratulations to all, for this achievement.

To our graduating students, you will become  the ambassadors of what M.I.S.T. stands for.  Therefore, do not hesitate to give back to the Institute as alumni. To this end, I entreat you to form  the Alumni Association and make an impact to the development of the Institute.

We are indeed extremely delighted to have you all distinguished guests here. And I trust that Insha Allah, all present will ensure that today’s ceremony goes into history as a day to remember.  Once again, you are all Welcome!