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Succeeding at LUCG means providing students with the right academic and social experiences to learn, be creative and work together. There’s a wide range of student associations and activities to compliment your academic work.

Welcome Message - Dean of Students

Mohammed Sani

We warmly welcome you to the best Islamic University in Ghana. LUCG is the right place for your tertiary education. The Office of the Dean of Students provides students space to self-actualize in both academic and extracurricular activities for holistic development. Among other things, the office will be responsible for your welfare in the areas of academic, residential, social matters and offer counseling information services when needed.

As students’ interest is close to our hearts, their welfare and development are of great concern to Lakeside University College Ghana. Hence the formation of a strong Students’ Representative Council (SRC) to act as the mouthpiece to articulate the different concerns of students will be of paramount interest to the Dean. This setup will obviously bring the views of students to bear on non-academic programme development, especially recreational, sporting, club activities, and other events. Students will be supervised to put in place transparent electoral processes towards the achievement of this objective.
As part of the development of students, the Office will encourage and oversee the formation of various groups and associations at LUCG to promote freedom of association and also supervise the production of the Campus Newsletter by students to enable students not only access to information but sharpen the writing and communication skills.

Our foreign students will be assisted to acquire requisite visas and relevant permits to stay in Ghana and experience the hospitality associated with the Ghanaian people. As part of their stay, our foreign students will be introduced to the different cultures of the land as they travel across the length and breadth of the country.

I believe after these experiences they may not wish to go back to their respective countries of origin. But more importantly, our ultra-modern language Center will enhance the English language skills of those who wish to be proficient in English. Please note that excellence as our hallmark can only be achieved through disciple and moral guidance.

LUCG wishes to maintain high academic and moral standards. It is therefore highly recommended that students are guided by the Ethical Code and Conduct for students as contained in the LUCG handbook.
Welcome, and May God Bless You!!!

Student Activities

LUCG is a hub for student activities. We work with students and other stakeholders to develop opportunities for students to become value-oriented leaders and broaden their understanding and competencies through solid leadership programmes and community engagement.

Social Life

L.U.C.G offers enough space for extra-curricular activities for our students and faculty. There are various activities, social clubs and student associations be part of.

The Campus Experience

Campus life on LUCG offers a wide mix of experiences for students. Our campus offers a play ground for students to be creative learn, live and work together.

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