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Create a job if you cannot find one: MIST President to Graduates.


On behalf of the Council and the Academic Board of M.I.S.T., I welcome you all to the graduation ceremony for our students. I am excited to be here with you because this is the first batch of graduands of this noble university who are transiting from being students to becoming graduates, ready to contribute their quota to national development. These graduates are certainly well baked, and we are proud of them.


Madina Institute of Science and Technology [M.I.S.T] was established in 2013and commenced operation and we are graduating two schools: the School of Engineering, and the School of Business and Technology. Your Excellency, we at Madina institute of science and technology are focused on the integration of knowledge and practical experience to promote learning, research and citizenship.

The University has a very conducive environment for teaching and learning, as we have a serene environment with small class sizes.

Distinguished Guests, we are today graduating a total of sixty one (61) students, forty six from Business, and fifteen from Engineering. Out of these we have nine First Class, forty one Second Class Upper, and ten Second Class Lower awards,


The University has passed through challenges, but our Trustees have kept faith, and supported us tremendously. Your Excellency, we know you have been with us all these years and see us grow. But permit me to say our Chairman, Mr. Salem Kalmoni, MD of Japan Motors, deserves great commendation for a yeoman’s job. Al-Diaa Society, an NGO, has been phenomenal too, in their assistance.

But, to increase the level of quality in teaching and learning, the University needs to be equipped with more engineering equipment and laboratories. Government assistance in this direction, as they did for the Technical Universities, will go a long way to improve instruction, and training.

Government scholarships to students will also enable our poor students to have access to tertiary education.


Despite the challenging environment in which the human resource personnel are working, they have continued to be diligent. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of staff for their dedication and hard work. Particularly worthy of mention is Mr. Assas Abas, the Assistant Registrar (Administration), who is a great asset,


As is to be expected, new programmes are introduced from time to time based on trends and needs of society. In line with the above, the University is planning to introduce the following programmes by next academic year:

BA Arabic Education

BSc. Computer Science

BSc. Nursing and Midwifery

This is to strictly satisfy demands of our target market following the research done by the University.


For the past four years, you have subjected yourselves to a particular way of thinking and training so you can solve society’s problems from a specialized view point. In practicing your profession, you need to be reminded that you are only a member of a large team that is addressing society’s problems. Eschew get-rich-quick habits, and immerse yourself in your work. Create a job if you cannot find one.

Finally, remember to maintain your current network of friends, for like cola nuts, the older your friendship, the better.


I would like to thank parents and guardians as well as all those who contributed in one way or the other to bring our graduands to this stage in their lives. May Allah Almighty bless and replenish whatever you have spent on the graduands, several fold.

For our graduands, please remember that the end should always be better than the beginning. May Allah (God) bless all your knowledge and skills and may He be pleased with the work of your hands.

Thank you.


Your Excellency, Council Chairman,

Today we are matriculating a total of seventy six (76) freshers. This is made up of  thirty (35) Business Administration [28 BSc., and 6 Diploma], and forty one (41) Engineering students [17 BSc., and 24 Diploma].

To the matriculants, I have this to say.

You are privileged to have a tertiary education, and especially so in a familial environment as ours. I entreat you to obey the Institution’s rules, and be studious.

Eschew laziness, especially avoid cheating during examinations. Dress decently, avoid drunkenness, and drug use. Occultism is unacceptable in our community here. If you conform to these, trust me, you will be successful here, and elsewhere.