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Educational Visit by Computer Science Students of LUCG to National Communication Authority

On November 17, 2023, a group of computer science students from Lakeside University College (LUCG) led by some management team members, embarked on an educational visit to the National Communication Authority (NCA) headquarters in Accra, Ghana. The purpose of the visit was to provide the students with an in-depth understanding of the NCA’s role in regulating and promoting the development of telecommunications and broadcasting in Ghana.

Overview of NCA Ghana

The visit commenced with a comprehensive presentation on the NCA’s mandate, structure, and functions. The students gained valuable insights into the NCA’s role in ensuring efficient and effective radio spectrum utilization, promoting competition and innovation in the telecommunications industry and protecting consumers from unfair practices.

Spectrum Management

The students were then introduced to the concept of spectrum management, a crucial aspect of the NCA’s operations. They learned about the importance of spectrum allocation and the NCA’s role in ensuring that radio frequencies are used efficiently and effectively to support the growing demand for wireless services.

Network Monitoring System

The students were given a demonstration of the NCA’s advanced network monitoring system, which provides real-time insights into the performance and quality of telecommunications networks across Ghana. They observed how the system is used to identify and resolve network issues promptly, ensuring seamless connectivity for users.

Cybersecurity Operations

The visit highlighted the NCA’s commitment to cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of protecting critical telecommunications infrastructure from cyberattacks. The students were briefed on the NCA’s cybersecurity operations, including its Computer Emergency Response Team (NCA-CERT), responsible for responding to cybersecurity incidents and coordinating cybersecurity initiatives.

Common Platform

The students were given an overview of the NCA’s Common Platform, a centralized infrastructure that supports the interconnection of telecommunications networks in Ghana. They learned about the platform’s role in facilitating efficient and cost-effective voice and data communication services.

Broadcasting and Monitoring Center

The visit concluded with a tour of the NCA’s Broadcasting and Monitoring Center, where students witnessed the real-time monitoring of radio and television broadcasts across Ghana. They gained insights into the NCA’s role in ensuring that broadcast content adheres to regulatory requirements and promotes positive social values.

This exposure to the regulatory landscape of the telecommunications industry will undoubtedly enrich their academic experience and prepare them for future careers in the field.