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Important Notice: Commencement of 2023/2024 Academic Year

The Office of the Registrar wishes to announce to all students the following important dates:

Continuing Students:

Academic Registration (9th – 12th January 2024): This period is designated for existing students to complete their academic registration for the upcoming semester or academic term. During this time, students are expected to enroll in their chosen courses, verify their personal details, and handle any administrative tasks related to their academic standing.

Academic Work Begins (15th January 2024): Academic activities officially commence on this date following the registration period. This includes the start of classes, lectures, and other educational engagements. Students must attend their scheduled courses and actively participate in the academic curriculum.


Academic Registration Begins (15th January 2024): For new students or freshmen, the process of academic registration initiates on the same day as the commencement of academic work for continuing students. This marks the beginning of the official enrollment process for freshers, including selecting courses and completing other necessary documentation.

Academic Work Begins (29th January 2024): After completing the registration process, academic activities for freshmen officially start on this date. New students are expected to actively participate in their scheduled classes and engage with the academic curriculum.