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School of Engineering

Dean's Message

Society now appreciates engineers who are creative thinkers, well -grounded, analytical, and ethical, with the ability to identify societal engineering needs and provide solutions, leveraging theory and practical experience. At the LUCG’s School of Engineering, we are dedicated to training students who aspire to learn and understand the breadth and depth of how to lead in the field of engineering. We provide the environment and resources that encourage hands-on learning, scholarship, and research culminating in provision of solutions and service to communities.  At the school of Engineering, we offer spectrum of collaborative research and practical oriented programmes in Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Oil and Gas Engineering. The school is nurturing a culture that encourages faculty, student, alumni, families, and industry collaborations and partnerships to work towards changing the world with engineering solutions.

Remarkable things go on every day in and around our campus in Ghana. The world outside will always request more engineers, and LUCG will continue to assure that our students can not only step into that world, but lead it. Please explore  LUCG website if you would like to know more about our people and departments. We hope you will join us as we help address some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today.

I welcome you on my own behalf and that of the faculty of School of Engineering to the school. As you explore learning opportunities, I hope you will find the information provided here useful.


Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Oil And Gas Engineering

Graduates of the programme will be expected to function effectively in  engineering positions across industries.

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Why Study Here?

Graduates of the this school will be expected to function effectively in mechanical engineering positions in industry, which will include:

    • Design, manufacture and assemble mechanical components and parts.
    • Solve engineering problems by analysis and empirical methods, including application of the computer.
    • Install, commission, operate, maintain and service plant/machinery, tools and equipment.
    • Prepare and read engineering drawings.
    • Prepare and present engineering reports.

We produce competent technical graduates to support industries.