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CE 152: Strength of Materials (2, 2, 3)

Civil Engineering
First Semester


This course introduces the student to complex and the manipulation of complex numbers.

Structural action types, approximations in structural analysis, axial stresses: Stresses and strains in one-dimensional structural elements: lateral strain and Poisson’s ratio, strain energy from normal stress and shear stress;

Temperature Stresses; strain behaviour of material, properties of areas, moments of area; Element subjected to general stresses and strains in two dimensional structural systems: Principal stresses and straws, strains energy from normal and shear stresses, Mohr’s stress circle, Mohr’s strain circle;

Relationships between the elastic constants bending in beams: the bending relationship, the general case of bending, asymmetrical or skew bending, combined bending and axial loading; Shear stresses in beams: shears stress in open and closed sections and shear center;

Composite beams: bending and shear stresses in beams of dissimilar materials.