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Frequently Asked Questions

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Let us help you by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about MIST.

What is the entry requirement ?

You need to pass in at least six (6) subjects comprising three core subjects including English and Mathematics, plus three (3) relevant elective subjects (A1-C6).

Mature students must be above 25 years. You are also required to pass the entrance examination in English, Maths and General Knowledge.

How much does fees at MIST cost?

Tuition cost depends on the programme you are offering at MIST. There’s a breakdown of cost per programme here for different types of students:

Where is the University located?

The University is located at Community 6, Lakeside Estate, Near Ashaley Botwe. Accra.

How do I purchase an admission form?

You can dial an admission form by dialing USSD *798*321# or visit

Is MIST an accredited University?

MIST is accredited by the National Accreditation Board Ghana

Is MIST only for muslims?

MIST is a diverse academic community of people from different religious backgrounds.

Do u offer fully funded scholarships?

The Office of Financial Aid and scholarships at M.I.S.T has set policies and standards that students are required to adhere to.
These policies, which are explicitly stated on the M.I.S.T website and Students Handbook, require, among other things, students to be enrolled full-time (i.e., they must be enrolled in three or more courses) at MIST in an academic program leading to the award of a degree to be considered for an award and must maintain satisfactory academic progress in the selected course of study to retain the award.

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