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SRC Committees

SRC Standing Committees

Welfare Committee:

Sanitation is very dire to this committee. They institute a commendable method of solving the sanitation issue- making provision for dustbins that separately collect paper, plastic, glass and metal so as to ensure recycling . Not only do they look out for the sanitation issues, but they also check on the general student welfare ranging from their physical,mental and psychological well being.

Sports Committee

It is responsible for the facilitation of all sporting events on campus, most notably soccer, basketball, volleyball,table tennis among several others. It makes sure the school participates and make a difference in outside games. It also conducts research on better ways of improving sports on campus.

Entertainment Committee

For relaxation and relief of stress, the Entertainment committee is always on the move. Too much of work makes Jack dull, so this committee never relents in order to make the students of MIST feel relaxed and lively. This committee organizes fun events such as the SRC week, excursions, tours and a whole lot.


This committee consists of a bunch of ‘Shakespeareans’ who set the bar when it comes to English. They, as their name suggests are responsible for literary-based works such as the institution’s magazines and periodicals, organizing debates, creating English-related clubs as well as posting all necessary updates on the social media platforms of the SRC.