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Survey Instruments

Survey Instrument

The Land Surveying and Geomatics program teaches students how to identify, measure, quantify, map, and analyze specific details and locations on the earth’s surface.  Students will learn applications of mathematics and basic sciences as they develop skills with modern software and hardware tools used in the surveying industry.  Graphical presentation methodology and technical communication skills will be learned to allow students to share the information they obtain with professionals in other industries such as construction, engineering, real estate, city planning, subdivision development, conservation, and many others. 

Careers in land surveying and geomatics normally require a mix of both indoor and outdoor work, and expertise with modern surveying equipment will be developed through laboratory activities and related classroom responsibilities.  Students will be eligible to proceed toward professional licensure as a Professional Surveyor upon completion of either the Bachelor of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree, and all students will be encouraged to take the Fundamentals of Surveying exam before completing their coursework.

Land surveying involves measuring and mapping the world around us using mathematics, advanced software and equipment. They are experts in measuring and determining land size. They also provide advice and information to help designers, architects and developers in their work.

Students in this department instruments to calculate the angles and the distances between points. The data points collected from the surveyor tools are used to calculate the location of any point. Theodolites & transit levels can be used to measure angles while chains & tape measures can be used to calculate distances.
Surveyors play an integral role in land development, from land subdivision planning and design to the final road, utility and landscaping construction. Surveyors are the first people to calculate and chart the land on any construction site. Then architects use these key measurements to understand and make the most of the landscape while designing and engineers to plan structures correctly and safely, ensuring that buildings not only fit in with the landscape but can be constructed.

In order to be visible to those standing on or near the property, it is important to mark the boundaries on the surface. It is also intended to provide the evidence required by the title insurer to exclude some default exceptions to coverage and thus provide “extended coverage” for off-record title issues, including issues that would be discovered through an objective survey.
Most property in previous surveys, names, easements, or wildlife crossings has significant problems with incorrect bounding and miscalculations. Also, many assets are produced over the years from multiple divisions of a larger piece, and the risk of miscalculation increases with each additional division. The result may be properties that do not coincide with adjacent parcels, leading to gaps and overlaps.

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