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Computer Science Labs

Computer Laboratories

For the BSc in Computer Science and the BSc in Information Technology programmes, we envisage we shall need laboratory spaces for General Computing and Specialized Computing.

The General Computing Labs are labs that students will use for basic computing activities such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. So, this category of labs would not require substantial computing power.

The Specialized Computing Labs would however require substantial computing power and specialized software. The following labs fall into this category:
• Programming Lab
• IoT Lab
• AI and Machine Learning Lab
• Robotics and Automation Lab
• Web Engineering
• Digital Design Lab
• Micro-processor Lab
• Simulation and Modelling Lab
• Computer Organization and Architecture Lab
• Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks Lab
• Mobile Computing Lab
• Grid Middleware Lab

For each lab, we need to consider the purchase of printers, scanners, projectors, and internet modems/wireless routers. A Printer and internet modems/wireless access routers are two essential items for the lab.

B. Furniture needs and options
For ergonomic reasons the height of the desks that the computers are placed on is very important. The ideal desk height is one that allows users to type on the keyboard with their arms parallel to the desk. So it is expected that we purchase furniture that fits not only the purpose of the lab but also the needs of the users (students) you are designing the lab for.
To meet ergonomic requirements, chairs with adjustable heights are the best option for a computer lab so that all users can be comfortable while working, sometimes for long hours. The top of the computer screen should be about level with the user’s eyes

C. Lab Equipment
The type of equipment to be placed in the labs and the software to be installed therein are determined by the needs/purpose of the lab. The breakdown of the equipment and software to be installed in each lab are as follows:

ProjectComputer Science Labs
Target$ 355, 000
Target$355, 000

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